all year round minimum 4 days Irk.-Olkh.=305 km(190 miles)
Driving north Olkhon - the biggest island of Baikal and the largest lake-bound island in the world - length 73,6 km (46 miles), width 15 km (9 miles), the highest point 1276 metres (the mountain called Izimey). Picturesque and original landscape, high dunes, with sandy bays on the western part. Steep cliffs going down under water to a depth of 1,5 km (1 mile), capes with amazing and unusual shapes on the eastern part - all this makes Olkhon a place to treasure. Olkhon - the best destination for Baikal exploration!

The inhabitants of the island are mostly Buryats intact by civilization. Population is less then 2000 and consists of fishermen and farmers. Due to its remoteness, the island has neither wired nor telephone/radio connections with the mainland. Olkhon is also one of the Buryat sacred shamanist center. Very often people before making an important decision refer to shaman. The native people consider mountain Zhima sacred. According to the buryat legend the spirit of Olkhon lives on the top of Zhima (Izimey cape). His name is Han-guta and he reveals himself as an eagle.

The best time to visit Olkhon is from June till the beginning of September. Contact me in winter for EXTREME adventure!

We presents: 4-5 days tour to one of the biggest island of Baikal - OLKHON. Wild nature and offroad auto-travel on the territory of Pribaikalsky National Park. All inclusive.

Tour includes visiting: Khuzir village - Museum of Local Lore - Stone Temple - Peschanka spot - Sagan-Hushun cape - Khoboi cape - Uzury bay - Shaman

Jeep Safari by UAZ. Want to know more about UAZ? Olkhon map
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      Arrival in Irkutsk. Departure by car to Olkhon Island (310 km - 190 miles one way / 5-6 hours). En rout stop for dinner in a Buryat village Elantsi (Buryat dish "pozi" and russian "pelmeni"). Crossing "Small Sea" strait by ferry-boat. Arrival in Buryat village "Khuzir" (Olkhon island) early in the evening.

Khuzir village
- the biggest settlement in Olkhon among 4 of them; geographical and administrative center of Olkhon island. The beautiful sand beach (4 km long/2,2 miles) stretches out away from the village. Accommodation in summer cottages (facilities in the yard), 2 km away from the village on the shore of Small Sea.
2 day      Visiting the Museum of Local History in Khuzir village.
More then 3000 valuable exhibits and finds which were collected by the founder of the museum Michail Revyakin and his pupils. Among the collection there are ancient ritual adornments of shaman which were found at the supposed place of cremation; ancient yurta with authentic top priorities ...
Visiting the spectacular Burkhan Rock / Shamanka / or the Stone Temple:
not far from the village Khuzir there is a famous Shaman cape crowned with two-head marble rock "Burhan". There is a through cave in the rock with ancient paintings. For a long time the cave was a place for annual shamanic worship. This considerable historic monument is a peculiar symbol of Baikal and one of the nine holiest places in Asia.
3 day      Jeep Photo Safari to the north of Olkhon:

- The Peschanoye bay in 20 km to the north from Khuzir, famous for its picturesque beach dunes and for being a former camp for political and war prisoners nearly half a century ago. Nowadays there are only log ruins absorbed by sand moving, wind and time.
Sagaan-Khushun Cape
- in the northern part of Olkhon there is a mountainous archipelago which looks like three huge ledges. Light carbonic rocks are covered with bright multicoloured lichenous vegetation. People usually call the cape Three Brothers;
Khoboi Cape
- the most northern point of Olkhon, which represents vertically directed marble rock plate. Khoboi is translated as 'fang' from Buryat language and it realy looks like it. Beautiful view of endless scopes and majestic circular panorama of Baikal. Sviatoy Nos peninsula is seen from here. You'll understand why people called Baikal "a sea". Khoboi cape is also a holy place.
Uzury bay and the picnic on the shore of Baikal (local dishes out of Baikal omul).
- Uzury is the only settlement on the eastern shore of the island. Meteorological station, a small lake, where ducks have rest and live on sometimes.
Return to Khuzir in the evening.

4 day      Transfer from Olkhon to a town of Elantsy. Meeting a shaman. Visiting a shaman places located in Tazeran steppes, around the village. Return by road to Irkutsk late in the evening. Accommodation.

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