Baikal island's birth

When the Baikal uoyan (i. E. Foundation pit) got filled with water, not a single island was seen along the cheerless water smooth surface. Many springs and winters had passed until the Sea settled in its stone bed between the mountains and until fish adapted to spawning-grounds and forests turned green on bare stones and birds flew here and animals started producing posterity. Winds had already appointed by that old time and began to blow so strong that Baikal water would boil like in the pot. The winds Sarma, Vekhovik, Barguzin and Kultuk grew up and got stronger on Baikal. They raised the waves which urged sand and dods along the bottom beating down new stones from the banks.

Young Baikal liked such games with the winds, He played the fool in plenty and He did not notice that those winds were able to strew the stones brim-fully into his water.

But Mother Nature is wiser even than her best creatures. Mother saw confused disorder among the mountains in the Sea, She sticked out rocky ridge in the bed of the bottom and then stones got caught by that ridge increasing the spit. Gradually the island started forming from the spit. This island reconciled waves and separated the Maloye Sea to produce fish and birds. Forests and meadows got green there, animals came and the man chose this place later. People called this island Olkhon which is translated from Buryat language "low-woody"- trees grew on bare stones and on sand slowly, and ferocious winds are flying above the island and sweep the seeds into the lake till nowadays.

Having just appeared Baikal used to be mild-tempered and complaisant and water filled the hollow in the rock cliffs as making amends for slip of Mother Nature. Water smooth surface shone piecfully from one bank of the lake to another being disturbed by rare ripples splashes on water. The beauty of the surrounding nature was so immense that even little polecat couldnot take his eyea off Baikal. The cliffs looked down into the water mirror, the lake banks smartened themselves up with the help of trees, bushes and flowers; gay birds flocks skimmed over the Sea; ringed seals gave birth to their posterity on the ice-fields and got fat in the deep.

Unfortunately prosperity and plenty always have envious pers. The Northern Storm heard about the Siberian Sea's calmness and She got furious and came tearing along to Baikal. First Storm quieted down among bare stones, then She gathered all her power and ran along the water-mirror like a bear chasing omul shoals.

Water smooth surface got covered with bubbles, waves with a long mane raised up, and the giant hid in its bed as if he suffered falling sickness. Trees moaned, all the living-beings hid inside the rocks and waterspouts began to whirl on the Sea and above the land. Then Baikal had to splash out his threatening voice:

— Do not anger me, Storm, calm down.

— Do you want to have peaceful life, sweety? — Storm howled. — It will not go while I exist! Let everyone know that I am the world's Mistress! I will turn here everything over, I will not cease! I will splash on you everything out till the last drop- let my might be victoriuos!

— Is it so bad to live in peace and harmony? — Baikal tried to bring Storm to reason. — Why are you going to saw the seeds of dissension?

— I am to do that, sweety! It is my destiny — getting raged Storm answered. — I will make everything move round! I will not come down until I turn you into the storm pot, sweety! You must become my support and not the living beings' fence.

— I will have to take you down a peg myself. — and Baikal splashed with foam into Storm's jaws. — I am not living-beings' enemy. I will save them from you, troublemaker.

— Your waves are weaker than mine, sweety! — Storm howled and went on destruction with new force.

— I will splash everything out of you-u-u-u...

Baikal got nervous, He boiled up raging the waves at Storm after the water rollers, then more and more stone teeth, rocky crests and strong walls began rising from the bottom.

Having seen Baikal's might Storm began calling for a help local winds, i. e. Kultuk, Barguzin, Verkhovik and Sarma. However new stone ranges rose from the bottom to protect Baikal breaking great winds. Stone teeth were filled up by sand, silt, and detritus, so that the whole islands appeared. The greatest rocky outcrop became such a big island that Storm was scatted into small wirlwinds and finally She was quietened.

Remembering this shame Storm have sent evil winds to Baikal watersmooth from time to time since then or She can come down with all her might upon the Sea sometimes. But the islands does not let her be carried away by play and they scatter her heaves.

On being cruel for a day or two weakened Storm retreats leaving Kultuk, Barguzin, Verkhovik and Sarma behind as a warning.

Sea -animals, such as ringed seals and hares (or ushkans) were the first to feel protection against the strong winds near the water patches and that is why they chose the island for habitat. Afterwards people who ocupied Baikal shores called these islands Ushkany.