Hello, Dear Guests!

I am a native Irkutskian. I live in the town of Irkutsk, Siberia, Russia. For years, I have been travelling all around Siberia and Baikal. My first experience travelling was as a young boy with my father. At those sunny days, I fell in love with Baikal and my native Siberian land.

Now, I am self-employed as a guide/interpreter. Tourism in this region is not developed to it-s full extent; and so, very often people do not observe the many rare sights and unique places they should. This happens because of the difficulties in reaching these places, or, sometimes because of poor program management. Over  the years, I
have accumulated a large amount of experience to share with clients. I have found in my excursions many wild nooks which can give you an oppotunity to look at the real face of Baikal and Siberia. My service will help you to reach these places without disturbing their frail equilibrium, using the most mordern technical support.

If you have a wish to visit Baikal, Siberia, Buratia or if you are planning an independent trip the most profitable way is to ask a local professional. E-mail me about your plans, the possible duration of your trip, and any expected activities ( fishing, cruises, hiking, horse riding, visiting a shaman , - ) and I-ll supply you with all the neccessary information and with my proposals based on your needs. Together we-ll ease your troubles and when you arrive I-ll take care of everything. Relying on my services, you will stay independently and be safe.

Probably, there is nowhere else a person can feel so completely at one with nature than at Baikal. The air is intoxicating and you will be swept away by the beauty of the water before you know what-s happened. Such scenes of pristine beauty are beyond all imagination. You will return with tenfold hopes of the promised life ahead.